Aural Contract (Lawrence Abu Hamdan )

Aural Contract (Lawrence Abu Hamdan )

The ongoing Aural contract project initiated by the artist Lawrence Abu Hamdan in February 2010 at The Showroom in London is constituted by a series of events, publications, performances, exhibitions, workshops and audiovisual material that examine a contemporary politics of listening through a focus on the essential role of the voice in law. The project was initially developed in collaboration with young people from the Lisson Green Estate over a series of workshops and was was augmented and developed by theoretical research and sonic jurisprudence developed at the Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths College. The Aural Contract project was designed to operate like a research centre in which questions relating to the concerns of the project could be expanded upon, practically developed, physically performed and opened up to multiple discursive platforms. These concerns were focused around the specifics of public legal participation and moreover the role of the voice and the ear in the judicial institution. Taking as its point of departure the notion that for the law to acquire its performative might it must be delegated to the voice, it must be announced and it must be heard. Contributions to the research centre came from interviews with stenographers, lawyers and expert witnesses specializing in the forensic analysis of speech, audio and language. The Material amassed during the existence of the Aural contract research centre is in part documented in the Aural Contract Audio Archive.

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