Ontology. How to make the ethics react with the exercise of politics? (MdeG)

Ontology. How to make the ethics react with the exercise of politics? (MdeG)

The story and the research gravitate on the life of G. and Y. and the question of storytelling in relation or better inherent with a life and his world. The research is structured as a play in two acts, four scenes each. A book gathers the play; the last two scenes slip the binding.

Ontology. How to make the ethics react with the exercise of politics?




Seminar, Video, b/w, 9’15’’



Uno studioso e un apolide. Esperimento fallito cercando forme-di-vita, text


The Law or to Desert, Audio piece, 7‘58’’




Audio Cartography or Voiceless, Audio piece, 16’30’’


The Archive, two photo prints and one text

Ontology. How to make the ethics react with the exercise of politics?


Witness I

Audio piece, voice Matthew Everatt, 23’40’’

Witness II


Locations: Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain (United Arab Emirates)

By: Mariagiovanna Nuzzi

Voice over: Giuliana Racco

Script by: Mariagiovanna Nuzzi, excerpts from the testimony of G.

Subtitles and translation: Mariagiovanna Nuzzi, Giuliana Racco

Shooting format: MiniDV, slides and photographs transferred to digital

Aspect ratio: 1:1.33

Color and b/w

Lenght: 39’05’’

On the 2nd of March 2009, after 7 months of forced residency in the Transit area of the Dubai International Airport in the UAE, G. and Y., two Palestinian men, exited the Airport and entered the Emirates again with a Tourist Visa of three months of validity that the UNHCR provided for them. Even if followed by several different international organizations, the juridical situation of G. and Y. was not solved from a legal point of view; the UNHCR never began any process of negotiation with other Embassies of other Countries for them to obtain the status of refugee or any possible condition of resettlement. The lawyer following the case (from the net of Advocats sans Frontiers-Lawyers without borders-) declared in confronting the responsibilities of the UNHCR -their non-fulfilment of their juridical tasks in a process of negotiation- that lacking any Court for the case, the Media would have worked as the only bridge, the move of the public opinion, for overcoming the juridical gap. Five pictures were taken by A. during the forced stayed of G. and Y. in the Transit Area of the International Airport of Dubai and delivered to the lawyer.

After five months from the exit of the two Palestinian men from the airport, looking for them, a voice assumes the testimony of those lives in a place that reveals itself as paradigmatic of a much wider political territory.


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