The Artistic Device

On 26th and 27th November, Remco de Blaaj, current MA student at the Centre for Research Architecture, is organizing a seminar with Brian Holmes called “The Artistic Device”, a two-day symposium with the American Brian Holmes, following the publication that was released last year called Escape the Overcode, Activist Art in the Control Society by the Van Abbemuseum and WHW.

The publication contains a selection of texts and essays by the writer Brian Holmes and is involved with the possibilities and problems of geopolitics and ‘geopoetics. Holmes is a key contemporary thinker and writer whose understanding of the current social and political developments and how they relate to artistic processes, are opening up a new field of ‘geocritique’. The examples he cites extend across Latin America, Europe and Asia, where he looks at networking, art, movies, organizations and protest movements for signs of how the progressive future strategies can be designed. The texts are part of the publication of the long-term research project, Continental Drift, as a blog on the Internet to follow.

The symposium The Artistic Device addresses, one year after release of the publication, the developments that since that time in the world of art, activism and networking took place. Brian Holmes reflects on his texts in the book and current changes. What is the impact of the financial crisis and what are the consequences for the cultural world in a time when the earning capacity of art is emphasized?

A special performance will be given by Angela Melitopoulos and Brian Holmes on Saturday 27th November. On Sunday 28th November a closed session will also take place for students from various academies in The Netherlands.

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