EMANUEL LICHA:  How Do We Know What We Know ?

EMANUEL LICHA: How Do We Know What We Know ?

« How Do We Know What We Know? The journalist in the studio talks to the special correspondent who couldn’t get into the conflict zone that is the topic of the news report he put together out of amateur footage. Just a few years ago, one still heard it said that the media decided when a conflict started: it began the moment journalists arrived on the scene. The rapid growth in the amount of images shot by the protagonists themselves, in combination with their almost immediate broadcast, has modified this equation. Do we still need journalists ? »
Emanuel Licha’s videos and photographs address urban and architectural issues by looking at objects in the landscape as social, historical and political signs. His recent projects enquire into the means used to observe and report on violent and traumatic events.



Vernissage : Samedi 10 septembre à 16h / présentation d’artiste à 16h30
Opening : Saturday september 10 at 4 PM / artist’s presentation at 4.30 PM

centre en art actuel
74, rue Albert
Sherbrooke (Québec)  J1H 1M9

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