Visual Cultures Lecture Series

Visual Cultures Lecture Series

14 October HALFORD & BEARD – Voodoo Science Park

Halford and Beard’s film Voodoo Science Park traces a secret geography of the Health and Safety Laboratory in the Peak District of Derbyshire, a place that conducts investigations of large-scale accidents, such as tunnel collapses and rail crashes. Mixing fact and fiction, as well as documentary and archive footage, the film imagines a delayed encounter between poet William Blake and political philosopher Thomas Hobbes.

21 October KIRA O’REILLY – Thresholds of Performance: Between Body, Laboratory and Text

Across practices and methodologies of performance, biotechnical practices and writing, O’Reilly will attempt to reimagine, refold and speculate on reconfigurations of bodily matters, bodies of matter and liveness. In this talk she will introduce some of these works, their influences and crucial aspects and perhaps imagine with you where and how they might develop, fray, unwind and remesh.


In his two most recent books, J. Hillis Miller spends a lot of time talking about jam which is a pervasive topic in Freud’s essays on telepathy. Rather than treating the jam question as a trivial moment in Miller’s ingenious readings of Freud’s essays and of Derrida’s “Telepathy”, we wish to explore the central importance of jam to the ethico-politics of reading.

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