Susan Schuppli: On media Evidence

Susan Schuppli: On media Evidence

Seminar with artist Susan Schuppli on Media as Forensic Evidence

RA STUDIO, 30th of September, 2009

“Perhaps when you cut into the present the future leaks out.” (William Burroughs) – MIXTAPES: In each of the following case studies, a collusion of sorts seems to have taken place between an analogue technology—tape recorder, picture phone, movie camera—and a now historic event that resulted in the creation a of highly individuated media artefact. My point of departure is necessarily organised around these artefacts, each of which teleports conceptually through the thesis to activate discussions around the archive, media transmission, and the becoming of the event. The thesis project in response takes the outmoded format of the mixtape: sampling the archive, compiling records, and redistributing them into alternate critical media networks. In order to modulate the emphasis of the three chapters, only one aspect of the conjunction between the archive, transmission, and the event is amplified in each section although I continue to triangulate these constituent elements throughout the research project.

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