Spacing Movements

Spacing Movements

Spacing Movements:  Activist cartographies, militant research and the politics of knowledge production

Workshop with Sebastain Cobarrubias and Maria Isabel Casas.

Centre for Research Architecture, RHB 312, Goldsmiths.

Thursday – Feb 16: Starting at 10am. All welcome.

Cartography, often labeled an instrument of fixation to facilitate appropriation of territory by established power structures, has more and more become in the past years a counter tool for anti-systemic movements. How have social movements employed spatial and cartographic knowledges in order to analyze and transform existing spaces and prefigure alternative ones? How have practices of militant research engaged with knowledge economies, new forms of precarization of labour and migration? Focusing in particular on examples coming from Spain and the US, this workshop will discuss the role of critical research practices in understanding, contesting and shaping new social and political geographies.


– Marta Malo de Molina, Common Notions ( and

– Sebastian Cobarrubias, John Pickels,

Casas, Cobarrubias, An_Atlas_CCCessay2

Cobarrubias Pickels – Spacing Movements small3

Further readings:

– Sebastian’s PhD thesis (

– Casas Cortes, Cobarrubias, Drawing escape tunnels through borders


Maribel Casas-Cortes is a post-doctoral researcher on a project examining border externalization in the EU, funded by NSF. She finished her Doctoral degree in Anthropology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2009.  Her work has appeared in different journals such as Anthropology Quarterly and Political Geography as well as contributions to edited volumes including Constituent Imagination (AK Press 2007); Movement …(Duke University Press 2011). She has participated in different activist efforts related to her intellectual work including the Agencia Precaria Todas a Zien in Madrid and the Counter Cartographies Collective in North Carolina

Sebastian Cobarrubias is a post-doctoral researcher on a project examining border externalization in the EU, funded by NSF. He finished his Doctoral degree in Geography at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2009. His work has appeared in journals such as Political Geography as well as edited volumes including An Atlas of Radical Cartography (JOAAP Press 2008); The Spatial Turn (Routledge 2009); and Uses of a Whirlwind (AK Press 2010). His attempts to mix research and militancy have resulted in participation in several collective experiments such the Counter Cartographies Collective in North Carolina, or the Precarity_WebRing mapping project.

Both work and militate together, many times as “Translocal Productions”, wherever they end up (currently living in Zaragoza, Spain). They are now involved with the Red de Sin Papeles and the 15M occupy movement of this city.


IMG: Trevor Paglen , CIA Rendition Flights 2001-2006


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