Professor John Hutnyk and MAs and PhDs of the Centre for Cultural Studies will join us for an open Roundtable on The Communist Manifesto in preparation for David Harvey’s lecture at ICA.
Thursday, 20th November, 15hs at the Centre for Research Architecture Studio, Room 312 (main building)

Geographer David Harvey has written an introduction for a new edition of the classic political text in which Marx an Engels, foreseen a new territorial scale forged by capitalist expansion, claimed for a counter politics of international proportions, or as quoted bellow, a politics created to “jump geographical scales”.

“Passivity in the face of thievery, domination and exploitation is no option. Assembled together in factories, fields, offices and institutions, individuals come together to develop a collective understanding of the common sources of their discontents and frustrations. From this they begin to sense the class identity implicit in their varied experiences and on that common basis start to articulate collective arguments and demands. And as they build collective organizations to agitate for satisfaction of their wants, needs and creative desires, they construct territorial groupings – in neighbourhoods, cities, metropolitan regions – within and from which a broader political and cultural commonality arises. This new sociality, when linked together with other distinctive regions by ever-more sophisticated means of transport and communications that capitalism constructs to facilitate commodity exchange and the circulation of capital, opens up the prospect to conquer the nation state as a dominant container of power. But political agitation cannot stop at the geographical scale either, for only when workers of the world can unite around a common vision can capitalism be tamed and the communist vision of an alternative come to fruition. The organisational form of the class struggle has to be prepared, in short, to “jump geographical scales” and move smoothly from the local to the global and back again” ( – David Harvey, introduction to The Communist Manifesto)

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