RA Open Seminars : The Paradoxes of Aid #02: on Haiti

RA Open Seminars : The Paradoxes of Aid #02: on Haiti

guest speaker: Peter Hallward

Wednesday, 24 March, 17pm @ Goldsmith’s Research Architecture Studio, RHB 312 (main building, second floor).

From donor State agencies, to WorldBank developmental programmes, to humanitarian relief and NGO-led sustainable enterprises, aid has become a global industry, effectively generating a body of discourse which counts on an international network of knowledge, institutions and local practices. Always inhabiting the thin border between empowerment and dependency, autonomy and support, liberation and domination, aid oscillates between being the means that enable political organization towards self-determination or the very machinery that defeats emancipation in the name of new forms of governmentality and imperial order. Concentrating on the historical and current situation in Haiti, Peter Hallward will lead a discussion on the “paradoxes of aid” and its political implications for the actualization or dismantling of (neo)colonial contracts.

Peter Hallward teaches at the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy at Middlesex University, and is the author of Damming the Flood: Haiti and the Politics of Containment (2007), Out of this World: Deleuze and the Philosophy of Creation (2006), Badiou: A Subject to Truth (2003), and Absolutely Postcolonial (2001). He is currently working on a project entitled ‘The Will of the People’.

All welcome.

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