Model Court @ CCA

Model Court @ CCA

Model Court is a two-week inhabitation of CCA 1 as a model of a courtroom. The point of departure is the work of the architect Hiraku Kitai of Group O Architecture, currently working on a World Bank sponsored commission for a manual for courtroom designs for ‘developing countries’. Kitai’s work deals with the court as a legal technology in which new forms of ‘justice’ and the legal status of ‘truths’ are established via a host of new technologies of representation, through the visual performance of bodies in space and through the aural affect of voice. Her project thus occupies the ambivalent ground between a search for innovative forms of transparency and imposed forms of justice.

The design of the exhibition is a work by Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, in discussion with Hiraku Kitai. In it, the legal technologies of representation and the protocol of spatial/legal practice are used to display a series of video, sound, written works and talks developed by other practitioners from the Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths College. The work deals with the object of jurisprudence, evidence and the hidden apparatuses that become the essential constituents of tribunals – the typist, the translator, the illustrator and the media technologies that enable the public dissemination of verdicts. The room itself becomes a space in contestation, one that seeks to develop a line of debate around the way in which the legal context challenges the way we see objects, models, films and other forms of production.

The project thus aims to create a translation of spaces, to open a discourse between the gallery and the court, in which a trade of rhetorical devices and patterns of representations are constructed, allowing the exhibited model to become a site of new forms of inspection, a different kind of social terrain and spatial order.

Saturday 6 June – Friday 19 June 2009
11:00am – 6:00pm: FREE
Venue: CCA 1

Curated as part of This Land Is Your Land, this two week project was curated by Sidsel Meineche Hansen and Lawrence Abu Hamdan.

Participants include: Hiraku Kitai, Angela Melitopoulos, MdeG, Lorenzo Pezzani, Eyal Sivan, Oliver Rees, Paulo Tavares, Eyal Weizman, Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths College.…

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