Drifting Studio Practice

Drifting Studio Practice

Workshop with Lonnie Van Brummelen, 21 FEB – CRA – RHB 312 – 13:30 hs

In my artistic practice aesthetics arise from in situ research into social-political fabric. It is my preferred approach to temporary move into a territory unknown to me, whether this is a borderland, global economics, a universal museum, or a small fishing community, and to explore this territory from within. Instead of being autonomous, a disposition that is still frequently attributed to artists, working from within implies that one is in the same field as one’s informants and is always someone’s accomplice. Taking such an embedded position requires a constant shuttling back-and-forth between the field where the research is conducted, and the artistic realm, where the findings will be recontextualised and reinterpreted. What could be the value of the work developed on the unstable ground of a drifting studio?

read: Lookout with Wind Turbine

About Van Brummelen and De Haan: We work together since 2002, producing film installations and exhibition projects that explore the boundaries of the public realm. Our silent films peruse the tones, movements and textures of cultural and geopolitical landscapes like Europe’s new borders (Grossraum, 2005), sites of global trade (Monument of Sugar, 2007), or the non-sites of cultural heritage (Monument to Another Man’s Fatherland, 2008). These films are often countered by textual supplements, which disclose the contingency of our fieldwork and research. Performing a drifting studio practice, we are involved in all aspects of (re)production from the handling of the cinema-eye, to montage, writing, or the graphical design of artist publications.

Venues where our works have been shown include Palais de Tokyo, Paris; Kunsthaus Zurich; Argos, Brussels; SMBA and De Appel Amsterdam; CCA Vilnius; the Shanghai and Guangju Biennials. Included in public collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Julia Stoschek Collection, Dusseldorf; Hoffmann Sammlung, Berlin; Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam; Kunstcollectie Rabobank; and Stadsarchief in Amsterdam. We collaborate with Motive Gallery, Amsterdam.

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