Commons and Enclosures: Seminar with Alberto Toscano

Commons and Enclosures: Seminar with Alberto Toscano

The increasingly attempts to privatize the commons – being it nature or our general intellect – calls to think contemporary capitalism through its fundamental original act: the internalization of what is external to its logic by means of dispossession and exclusion; the extraterritorial as the constant outside yet within frontier produced by the reproduction of capital. To the opposite, being the site of struggle for what is necessarily shared among all, the commons also calls into being a relation between the universal and the singular as the creative link for a new political subject, placing emphasis on new forms of solidarity which enable the re-activation of the “old” utopian communist hypothesis as the response to contemporary global antagonisms.

Following last year seminar on the Idea of Communism, Alberto Toscano will lead a roundtable discussion on excerpts of Zizek’s new book “First as Tragedy then as Farce” and Hardt and Negri’s “Commonwealth”.

23 November, 14hs @ Research Architecture Studio, main building, Goldsmiths

This seminar will work as a preparation discussion for the coming Roundtable “Generosity and the Common” organized by Celine Condorelli and Avery Gordon and hosted by Extra City.

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