MARA Graduation Show: 24:05:00

MARA Graduation Show: 24:05:00

MA in Research Architecture Graduation Show

Opening: Thursday September 29, 2011 – 6pm  | Venue: CRA studios RHB 312+313 – Main Building, Goldsmiths


24:05:00 – Five Minutes Past Midnight

Conceived as a public moment that takes the form of an exhibition, 24:05:00_Five Minutes Past Midnight leads us through ‘research in progress’ of eight participants of the year long MA programme at the Centre for Research Architecture. Working through an elaborate archive that was individually collected and assembled, it offers a common forum and a visual insight for discussion. Specifically informed, inspired or moved by the archive, the outcomes of critical spatial research are presented in the form of videos, publications, interventions, texts and images.

curated by MARA graduate Remco de Blaaij

Projects by:
Manuela Hötzl/ Zahra Hussain / Anisha Jogani / Monika Löve/ Jan Lemitz/ Roberta Mahfuz/ Igor Pavlovic/ Francesco Sebregondi

tutors: Eyal Weizman, John Palmesino, Andy Low, Paulo Tavares

download the Catalogue

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